Advanced Recruiting Academy
What is it all about?

Advanced Recruiting Academy trains motivated, talented individuals in the dynamic field of recruiting – a career that offers significant rewards and opportunities.

Our vision is to connect future recruiters to the knowledge they need to become successful. By offering free training to those who are willing to commit, our intention is to develop Tampa Bay’s next generation of recruiters.

Supervised by experienced head-hunters, our diligently selected trainees learn how to source high-level talent for employers. ARA clients experience the highest level of service, thanks to the integrity and energy of our trainees combined with the judgment and expertise of our trainers. 

Why a Recruiting Academy?

As seasoned recruiters, we see first-hand the issues many hard-working and very competent professionals experience when seeking to start a new career, to change careers, or to find employment after a period of unemployment.

  • Half a million college graduates are working minimum wage jobs
  • People over 50 are 20% less likely to become re-employed following a layoff

By providing free training to candidates who make it through our rigorous application process, we seek to train individuals as Resident Recruiters, and to unlock opportunities that are otherwise hard to obtain. Each graduate of our 90-day program is equipped to start his/her own recruiting business, to work for an agency or even one of our clients. In some cases, trainees can work for Advanced Recruiting Academy as an entry-level Associate Recruiter.

Earn commissions while training.

Advanced Recruiting Academy works closely with community partners, such as local educational institutions, and corporate partners who seek corporate recruiters to support their onboarding efforts. Synonymous with quality, our Resident and Associate Recruiters undergo advanced-level training and are constantly supported by experienced Executive Recruiters.

Located in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, our Resident, Associate and Executive Recruiters serve Tampa Bay, FL and the entire United States.

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Meet the Trainer

Dean has been recruiting for over thirty years and has trained hundreds of successful recruiters during his career, both in corporate and agency settings. Corporations have retained his services due to his expansive multi-industry experience and ability to find and present only the top talent to every assignment he accepts. Dean has always enjoyed the challenges associated with strategic and uniquely difficult searches, and has placed candidates at levels ranging from an Administrative Assistant to CEO. He also takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and experience with those sincerely interested in learning the art of recruiting. Advanced Recruiting Academy is the fulfillment of a dream and a way to help lift up the community at large. Dean also hosts a weekly, on-line radio program called JobTalk with Dean Logan, which can be heard globally at


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