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A word from Dean Logan:

It seems like almost every week I read or hear about the plight of many recent college graduates, those under or unemployed, and those changing careers in mid-life. They just can’t find an interesting career with high earning potential! Some can’t find a job at all. It can be very frustrating, having to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. I know, I’ve been there! I’ve also known what it’s like to not be considered for a position because I was over-qualified for the role. Interviewing for positions out of need instead of career growth is not fun.

That’s why Advanced Recruiting Academy was formed, to provide an excellent career option that many are not aware exists, and to help lift up the community at large. The free training also allows a way for those without recruiting experience, to compete and enter into an industry that values experience. Making a generous commission during the training period can be a welcome benefit, too.

Those looking for a way to build a career in an exciting industry, and willing to put in the effort to be successful, should contact us about the skills you will learn at Advanced Recruiting Academy. To qualify for entrance into the training program, one must be able to dedicate 15 hours per week (3 hours a day) at the academy and demonstrate a sincere desire to learn the art of recruiting. In 90 days, every one of our resident students will have participated in the full life-cycle of a placement while working with real clients to help fill their open positions. Resident students will gain valuable insights throughout every step of the process and, upon completion of the program, will have acquired skills sought by corporations and agencies alike. Other options for graduates will be to work independently, and Advanced Recruiting Academy is expanding its staff. Fill out the application below, and schedule a time to visit the academy. Let’s see if recruiting is a career for you!

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