Community Partners

Advanced Recruiting Academy partners with Tampa Bay educational, corporate and employment development partners to identify candidates for its free 90-day recruiter training program.

We believe when companies offer training opportunities, we help strengthen employment opportunities and local economies. By providing free training, we help committed individuals develop professional experience, build connections and create new jobs. Graduates of Advanced Recruiting Academy have the skills and knowledge to work as recruiters through self-employment, a hiring employer, a community partner or even as an Associate Recruiter with our team.

By partnering with Advanced Recruitment Academy, local community partners:

  • Add jobs to the Tampa Bay economy
  • Invest in professional development of local citizens
  • Strengthen the reach of their respective missions

Application to the recruiter training program is open to all, no matter what stage of life they are in. We welcome applications from employed, underemployed, and unemployed individuals. The opportunity might also suit career changers or stay at home parents seeking to get back into the workforce.

If you would like to talk to Advanced Recruiting Academy about partnering with your education or employment organization, please contact us today.