What do you look for in a recruiting firm? Experience teaches us all that good business is founded on strong relationships. As your hiring partner, we use our relationships to bring you the best talent for your firm.

Our recruiters are trained to:

  • Understand your industry, operation and technical needs
  • Tune into your company culture, and team dynamic
  • Engage and deliver always with open communication channels

Advanced Recruiting Academy operates with another kind of edge. Our experience executive recruiters train and supervise* career changers and graduates according to their area of professional focus so that an IT professional recruits for developer positions, for example, or a legal professional recruits for law-related positions. Tenured recruiters working alongside trainee and graduated associate recruiters makes for a dynamic working culture – combining the strengths of professionals with decades of recruiting experience and professionals with experience-based industry awareness.

A full service recruiting firm, Advanced Recruiting Academy serves virtually every industry.

Advanced Recruiting Academy conducts permanent placement searches for clients on a contingent basis. That means a client only pays a fee for our services once a candidate is placed with the company. This allows clients to interview and select the very best candidate for their open position and not just the best candidate they meet through their own resources.

Our clients may have a project that needs specific skills for a defined period of time and do not wish to hire a full time employee. In that case, ARA offers candidates on a contract basis. Our contractors work on projects for as long as they are needed by our clients and have superlative skills to accomplish the tasks of the project.

A good way to get to know a potential employee is to hire them on a temporary to permanent basis. It’s also a good way for a candidate to know whether the company is a good fit for their career path. Here’s how it works. Candidates are hired as a contractor for a minimum of six months. After six months, the client will have the option to hire the candidate directly if both parties agree.

Our consulting services include; corporate and agency recruiting department evaluation, contract recruiting, and staff training.

When clients have a confidential search or want to interview off-site, we offer to conduct the interview process from our office. Within two weeks of accepting an EIO assignment, we will schedule an all-day event where clients will interview up to ten candidates for their open position(s) in our office. The lead recruiter will be involved from the time the candidates arrive for the interview through their debriefing session. By the end of the day, the client is typically able to make a decision on the candidate(s) they wish to hire.

*Each Resident Recruiter works under close supervision and one-on-one mentorship with experienced Executive Recruiters. 

We welcome our clients to appear on “JobTalk with Dean Logan” on www.radiostpete.com to talk about their company, their hiring experiences and philosophies. We sincerely appreciate clients who support our effort to help provide skills and opportunity to our community.


My goal with JobTalk is to speak with every employer, big and small, to let everyone know what it’s like to live, work, and play in Tampa Bay. I want to attract companies and talent to the area and JobTalk is a way to hear directly from local business leaders.


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